Thursday, March 12, 2009

innocense and updates

Here is Cohen and his friend Macy (Brittany's daughter). Oh they were so cute playing together. It pretty much consisted of Cohen starring at her, tapping her, or laughing at her. and She kinda just starred at him. Either way it was stinkin cute!!! They are sitting in their little chairs while watching Baby Einstein while Britt and I stamped cards!

Jeff always knows Cohen's buttons!

My sweet boy!!

This Sleeper was a gift from Jenny. I just had to get pictures of him in it before he grew out of it!

So just an update of what's going on with us... I have been keeping myself busy with my cute little baby. You can find me stamping, clipping coupons, blogging, watching my tv shows that I'm obsessed with right now, or taking the weekly (sometimes daily) shopping trips to Target! I'm working part time at Safeway as a bookkeeper. It's nice to be able to have the few hours to actually converse with adults, but I can't wait til that time of the day when the clock hits 1:30 and I can race home to see my baby!
Jeff has been busy with his job. Luckily he's not in any danger of losing part or all of his job. He is working as an operator at International Paper (Warehaeuser). He really likes it, but doesn't really like his commute... All the way in Hillsboro! He's been taking online real estate classes to get ready for his next new adventure. We will be moving to utah soon cause Jeff got offered a job with his dad's new business. We are very excited for this new opportunity, and for the new change. AND of course to be near Jeff's family and our friends in Utah. But we are extremely sad to be leaving my family, our friends and this awesome city. This will be wonderful for Jeff (and I won't have to work!).
Cohen is 7 months and two weeks old. And he is changing daily!! He is the highlight of my day! Since he turned 6 months, he stopped sleeping through the night. He's been teething... although there are HARDLY any signs of teeth!! We've seen the same little white speck for over a month now.... He finally started to roll over. Now it seems so easy for him! No signs of crawling though. A part of me thinks he's just gonna skip that part and go to walking. So we'll see. Right now he's sitting next to me on the floor banging a toy on the ground, which I'm sure my neighbors LOVE! (MAN I HATE LIVING IN AN APARTMENT!!!!) He is chattering all the time, and he has started to dance to music! At least it's dancing to me! :) I started feeding him baby cereal a few weeks ago. But after getting constipated from eating a bite of banana... we stopped for a week, and now he won't go near food! It's kinda crazy. He LOVES drinking out of adult cups. Most of it ends up on his shirt, but he still begs for more! It's pretty cute. Oh and his newest thing is his head tilt. OHHHHH my it's the best. I'm trying to get a picture of it... so hang tight!
Anyhooo... That's pretty much everything that's goin on right now. I felt like I always post pictures... so I thought I'd add a little more this time. Of course I will keep the pictures coming...


TATTON-KIRSTEN-BROOKELYN said... stuff! I wondered if you guys were still planning on moving...that will be so nice that you won't have to work! So...when are you making the move? Crazy! You'll definately have to keep us posted. We love and miss you guys! And my my, what can I say? Too dang cute, that's for sure. Anyway, love ya!

Holman Family said...

When are you moving to Utah?! That is so crazy cause we might be moving to Portland! My husband got into Lewis and Clark for law school so we are coming up next week to look at the school. Let me know if you will be around cause I would love to have lunch or something!

Katie Fox said...

Thats exciting about your move to Utah, Good Luck! It will be sad that you are leaving, I just started to get to know you.

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