Monday, July 7, 2008

So I guess I'm pregnant!

So maybe I should start from the beginning, for those of you who want to hear the story...

Thanksgiving morning, Jeff and I woke up around 7 am, which is really early for us, and I"m not sure why we did! Jeff decided to run to Safeway to get bagels and breakfast stuff for us. Well, when I had woken up that morning, the first thing I thought of was that I wanted to take a pregnancy test. I'm not sure why, I just had a feeling. Nothing weird had been going on, I just felt that it was time to check! So since Jeff offered to go to the store, I thought it would be the perfect time to pee on a stick! :)

He left, and I ran to the bathroom. I did what I was supposed to (don't think you need the details...) and put it on the washer and walked away. I went and sat on my bed and looked at the clock so I could wait the five minutes, or whatever it was. It was the longest five minutes ever!!! I was surprisingly pretty calm while I waited. I kept telling myself not to get too excited, just in case. I walked over to the stick, looked at it, and I've never seen a clearer plus sign! I grabbed the instructions and checked it just to be sure. I looked at myself in the mirror, and just started laughing!!! I was SOOOO happy!! I was shaking at this point, and I couldn't stop smiling! So I put it in the drawer, and ran back to bed.

Jeff then came home from the store, and I called him into the bedroom. I asked him to sit next to me. I then blurted out, very calmly, and quietly, "I think I'm pregnant." And he said, "why?" and I said, "because I just took a pregnancy test." "Are you sure?" he asked... and I said.... "go look for yourself!!!" So I hear him go into the bathroom, then start laughing, and then he said, "holy crap!!" It was really really cute!!!! We then decided we needed to take more tests just in case! We went to Fred Meyers and bought three more tests and headed home. After I took the tests, I sat them in the other room, and walked away. But this time I went back after a minute, and as clear as day they were all positive! It was insane!!!! Jeff couldn't believe it. He said, "Well, I guess we're gonna have a kid!" It was really cute!

After we let it sink in for a little bit, I called my sister-in-law, Jenny. She is a nurse, and I wanted her opinion on if those pregnancy tests are THAT accurate, and if it was safe to tell our family. Since we thought Thanksgiving would be a great day for that! She gave the approval (and her excitement). We then called Jeff's family. We only thought it was fair that they found out first, since we got to tell my family in person. Jeff's mom, Gail answered the phone, and Jeff blurted out that we had a surprise.... We shouted, "We're pregnant!!!" Gail started shouting so loud!!! Then she ran in the other room and told Jeff's dad, and sister, Jessica! It was so funny!! Then we called Jeff's sister Jenny, and his brother Nick. Everyone was pretty excited!

So then we headed over to my parents house. We were really excited, cause this was the first time our whole family had been together in a long time! The Hibler family was coming over later too, so it was just going to be perfect! Jenny and I decided that Jenny would have to gather the family together first, or they would know what was going on... So about thirty minutes before the Hiblers came over, Jenny rounded everyone into the living room. And everyone kept asking, what was going on! Everyone was teasing her that she was having twins (she was pregnant at the time), and then someone shouted that she was pregnant again....Well she kept saying no no no... and then I raised my hand and said I was!! Everyone kinda looked at me really weird, and then I started crying. After that, they all caught on! My mom, Tracey, Allison, and Jenny were all crying, and we all hugged each other, and the boys were really cute about it! My dad kinda just sat there without any expression. It was pretty funny. I think he was just shocked!

After the Hiblers arrived, and we all sat down around the tables, my dad then says, "Before we bless the food, is there anything Jeff or Jen wants to say?!" I then announce that we're going to have a baby! They were all very excited.

That day was just very fun! I just can't believe it was so long ago, it seems like last month when we were announcing to people we were pregnant!

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Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that that is pretty much the cutest story ever, and when I read the part about you telling us and all of us girls crying, I started crying here at work.


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