Monday, July 7, 2008

Showered with Love and lots of gifts!

So I was lucky enough to be given two showers! The first one was in May, in Utah, given by my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law, Gail and Jenny! And if I didn't say it enough... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! It was fantastic! A lot of my husband's cousins, and aunts came. I felt truly blessed. Two of my old roommates came too! It was just so nice! We got a lot of stuff!!

My other baby shower was given by Debi and Emily Hibler, and Lyndsi Morrow. It was amazing as well! They went above and beyond, and it was sooo much fun! I couldn't have asked for a better shower! I got completely spoiled, and I think we ended up getting everything we needed, plus more! I'm just so grateful to everyone that came and made me feel so special.

This picture above, of Allison smaking me in the face...... Debi had us play a game of musical chairs, and the three people that got a chair, were given bottles. We did not know this before volunteering for the game!! :) We then had to be the first person to finish the bottle. It was pretty hilarious! I didn't even come CLOSE to winning... I think Allie won, that little cheater! She's pretty though.... :)

Jeff was in Utah the weekend of my second baby shower, so he wasn't there to see all my stuff. So after my shower, I set everything out on display so that when he came home he would see the mound of gifts we got!!


Alicia said...

Such a cute blog! It will be fun to watch as you add to it every day.
I love you, Mom

shanda said...

O my Crap you Made out like a bandit

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