Monday, March 12, 2012

Zoo time!

I woke up to the beautiful sunshine streaming into my bedroom. So the second I heard the kids were awake, I ran into their room and asked, "Who wants to go to the ZOO?!?!"

Molly instantly jumped up in her crib and reached her arms up for me to get her out! And Cohen shouted, "the Zoo!? YEAH!!!!!"

So we rushed through our morning routine to get to the zoo.

First stop as usual: The sea lions. These are our favorite! Maybe it's because they are always putting on a great show!

It was so fun having the polar bear right up against the window! Molly had a hard time seeing it from where she was in the stroller, and I didn't want to take her out because she was so cold. But when I told her to wave at the polar bear, I KID you NOT... The polar bear sat up, looked right at her, then rolled over! It was hilarious! There was a lady next to us laughing so hard, and she said, "I bet you wish you had that recorded!" Yes, yes I do.

On the right, Cohen's favorite: The Orangutans! They were right up against the window! Super cool.

While running to go see the Elephants, Molly tripped and fell right on her precious little face. It scraped up her little nose. :( So sad...

After I took Cohen's picture here in the cave, Cohen said, "your turn!!" So he took the camera, and told me to go sit. It was so funny. So the picture on the right is Cohen's work as a photographer! :)

Cohen reaching as tall as the giraffe.

.we love the zoo.

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