Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Hunger Games and reading in general...

A few months ago in probably January, my sisters were talking about this book. Allison had read all of them, and was talking me into reading them. I said no. I don't read. (I CAN read, I just don't like to) Then Tracey started reading it. So I decided to find out what this so called, AMAZING book was about. I looked up on Amazon, and read reviews. Then I watched the trailer for the movie. I was flabbergasted. Yep.

I texted Allie and asked her what the heck this movie was about. She just kept saying, don't read anymore reviews, JUST READ THE BOOK! So I did. And i really couldn't put it down. I was shocked. Really, just shocked at how into a BOOK I was! :)

Finished that one in about a month... Took me awhile to get into it. Finished Mockingjay in 3 days, and read Catching Fire in about a week. (I really did NOT like the third one.)

Can I just say how proud I am for finishing three books in less than two months?? That's more than I've read in the past 10 years! I loved it, and now I'm so excited about reading! :) Any recommendations?!

Okay, back to The Hunger Games. So I was pretty excited to see the movie, pretty excited? no... ECSTATIC!

I talked my friend, Mary into reading the books, and she finished all three of them in like two weeks! So we bought our tickets a week in advance for the midnight showing. We waited in line for about two hours, then they let us in to wait another two hours in our seats (which we were grateful for, since it was freeeeeezing outside).

Here we are, with our matching shirts of course, waiting for the movie to start.

Besides the room FULL of teeny-boppers, the night was perfect! It was sooooo fun! And the movie was AWESOME!

Now that I've seen the movie two times, I'm kinda wishing that I hadn't read the book first. They just left out so many of my favorite parts. And I know that happens with books to movies... but this is the first time I'm experiencing this type of thing, so go easy on me! :)

And I must say I need to say I'm sorry to all those Twilight people that were(/are?) so obsessed with the books and movies, and Jacob lovers. Because that night, I knew what you guys felt like. I wish I had done a Katniss braid and brought some district 11 bread to eat during the movie. :)

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