Sunday, September 4, 2011

my blueberry pickin' farm boy

Yesterday was game day, so my mom came up with the idea to go to a farm and pick items for homemade salsa! I was down! Molly was sleeping, so we took Cohen with us.

This was the funnest thing I've done in a LONG time

Cohen was so cute. He listened and followed direction. He helped pick peppers, and blueberries. He had a blast walking through the rows of vegetables. and he got piggy back rides! It was 95 degrees, and he was such a trooper!! It was just so fun!

Here he is picking different things... and "taste-testing" the blueberries!

After we were done, we promised him we would stop at the tractors. He loved them.

I will definitely be doing this again before fall comes.


Luke Graham said...

Oh my GAWSH. That looks like a little Cohen dream land.

shanda said...

I love your page how did you do that. I can't belive how big your kids are miss ya

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