Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coco buns becomes Cohen

Happy 3rd Birthday Cohen!

So the other day I was looking at pictures, trying to figure out which to blog next... then I realized I never blogged about Cohen's birthday!! :( I'm terrible! So here are A LOT of pictures from his special day!

Cohen had some of his friends come over in the afternoon, and we had quite the little water party! It was perfect for the kids, on that hot summer day.


My mom and sister, Allison helped me frost these the night before. I LOVE how they turned out, and so did Cohen! I found them in a cupcake book I have, about 3 months prior to his birthday... and I new I was going to do them ever since! They were perfect for the little animal lover!

That evening, we had Cohen's family birthday party. Uncle Nick, Darcy, Auntie Allie, Aunt Tracey, Grandma, and Grandpa were all there to help celebrate! It was a wonderful evening...

Molly had fun playing with the frosting of the cupcakes...

Proof of a successful birthday:

Cohen is such a sweet little boy, and sooo funny! He amazes me everyday with his knowledge of animals! He loves to read books, go to the park, go on walks to collect pine cones and rocks, have dance parties, and chase his sister around! :)

He loves his nursery class at church. And is the first one up to dance during singing time! He is so fun to be around, and I just love his excitement for life!

He just recently started calling himself 'Cohen', and not 'Coco' (Cohen was hard for him to say).

I just love this little boy of mine.

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