Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dear Cohen...

2 years ago I fell in love. With the most precious little thing I could ever imagine. Not knowing that the love I felt then, would magnify more and more each day. I feel so blessed every day knowing that I have the blessing of being your mom. Yes, it is certainly hard some days... you are quite the challenge at times... but MAN, you make up for it with your cute little smile and personality!

You seriously have the cutest personality. and you're so funny! You are so passionate about things, and you get so excited when you recognize the sound of an airplane, or a train, or a cow! You make life soooo exciting, and new! You definitely get people's attention with your animal sounds, and your dance moves! And your energy! WOW, You can out run ANYONE... including adults! I hardly even see you walk... you mostly run!

You are so loving, and sweet! You love giving Molly hugs and kisses, and "love" pats! I truly hope you two become the best of friends! You LOVE giving kisses before bedtime, and get really upset if I miss anyone in the room! We just need to work on giving CLOSED mouth kisses! :)

Cohen, I just love you so much. I have so much fun with you. You are truly my little buddy, and I miss you if I'm away from you for even a couple hours! I love hearing you in the morning when you wake up... just chattering. So happy... ALWAYS happy! And when I go in to get you, you are so happy to see me, and it truly melts my heart. you are the most precious thing to me, and I love you more than words can describe. Happy birthday, my sweet little Cohen buns.

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