Monday, June 28, 2010

oh Cohen..... **sigh**

What a cute little fetcher i have. SERIOUSLY. He is soooo sinkin cute. Looks, personality, charm, humor... he's just CUTE! I wish on everything that I own, and wish to own, that he would just sit still for the camera. I have been DYING to try to get him to sit still and hold Molly for a picture. BUT HE WILL NOT. It's not even an option. Every time him and Molly are in a good mood, I try to get a picture. And what I get, is Cohen throwing Molly off his lap. And then Cohen runs off. The closest I can get of a picture of both of them, is Cohen kissing Molly. Which of course is cute, but i have about a million of those pictures! Well, I remembered I took this video when Molly was a few weeks old..... ENJOY!!


tatton.kirsten.brookelyn.ethan said...

I like how he just dumps her off his lap at the end, kinda funny!

ah, Cohen, he really is a boy through and through!

The Jen said...

Good to know my house isn't the only one where there are near death incidents. Jefferson, while only trying to be helpful almost dumped Calvin headfirst out of his chair tonight. Caught him milliseconds from falling.

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