Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our fun week in Saint George!!

Last week, Gail, Jenny, and myself, took all the grand kids to their house in Saint George! Three moms, and seven kids! It was definitely hectic, but also a lot of fun! We spent most of our time at the swimming pool, since it was 106 degrees most days! There are a lot of pictures... so enjoy!
This was my first time at the St. George temple!!! I couldn't believe how BEAUTIFUL it is!!! It is the whitest white you can imagine! Ashlynn was walking around the temple... I kid you not... holding her dress up like a princess! So i told her to turn around, and I snapped a picture! :) Our little diva! I think the ones of all the kids together turned out awesome!

Gail kept the three littlest boys at home, while Jenny and I took the rest of the kids to check out the sites. We went to Jacob Hamblin's home, and also to Brigham Young's winter home. It was really fun! VERY interesting! I learned a lot of really cool facts about them! At Brigham Young's home, he had almond trees, and a pecan tree! I had NEVER seen that before! We were able to pick them off and try em! It was sooo cool! I hate nuts... but that was until I tried a fresh almond picked by yours truly! :) There's a picture above with the three boys and their pecan nuts they found!

Ahhhh the swimming pool!! It was sooo stinkin hot there! So it was very nice to have a clubhouse we could go to and swim! Oh the kids were so cute in the pool! Cohen usually LOVES the water, but this time he was a little fussy with it.... who knows. He did like the waterfall though! Please notice that picture of the three boys jumping in... SO CUTE!

On the car ride home, Cohen decided he would surprise us with a little Peek-a-Boo!! And here is also his wave:


Auntie Tracey said...

ACK!!! I LOVE the video!!! I can't believe how he totally played peekaboo perfectly and then just started WAVING!!! I LOVE HIM!!!


That was his first time playing peekabo & waving? so stinkin adorable...we miss you guys already!
cute cute pictures!

I did have to laugh when I saw the picture of the almond tree...it reminded me of when Jeff used the hammer to open the pecan a little too efficiently! ha!

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