Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cohen & Brookelyn: BFFs!

When Cohen and I pulled in from our trip to St. George, we were greeted by our next adventure for the weekend! Tatton and Kirsten Hymas, and their daughter Brookelyn, were here to stay with us for the weekend! Tatton and i have known each other since we were about seven years old! It's so fun to be old married parents now! :) Anyway.... they stopped in to unload their stuff, and get a quick nap in before they left for their friend's wedding reception. So while they were sleeping, Cohen and Brookelyn entertained Jeff and I!! Oh MY GOSH... they were such little friends!!! Cohen doesn't have ANYONE his age to play with. Brookelyn is like four weeks younger than him... so my oh my, they just had a blast together. And we had a blast watching them play and follow each other around! :) (ummm I guess you need to click on the underlined text to make the picture below bigger...???)

On Saturday we drove up Provo Canyon to Bridal Veil Falls. Tatton and Kirsten's Friends from Green River, met up with us too. We had such a fun afternoon just hanging out in the grass watching all the kids play together! And... SURPRISE!! Cohen TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS THERE!!! Oh my gosh it was so awesome!!! All of a sudden, Jeff says, "ummm Cohen just took two steps!" But NO ONE else saw!! So I didn't believe him! :) But then he took three more! Yeah, I started crying..... I just couldn't believe it! Oh it was just so perfect!

Top middle picture... our son the model! :) Brookelyn loved Cohen's Binky... and always tried to steal it! Ahhh they were just so cute together!

So Tatton and kirsten were lucky to be there for Cohen's first steps... and we were lucky to be there for Brookelyn's first time on the swing!! Ha ha... it was priceless! She was totally freaked out at first. Not screaming or crying.... but like her face was just fearful! it was sooo cute!

Here they are in action, just being stinkin cute! I am truly sad that Cohen and Brookelyn don't live closer. However, Rexburg isn't TOO far away. We'll have to make a trip up there so they can play... and we can play! :)

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OH MY GOODNIGHT!!! I stole all your pictures btw...so so so so cute! The video too! Talking to eachother...love it! I really wish we were closer to, I've never seen her play like that before >sigh<
Thanks again for letting us stay, we had so much fun!
See ya soon!

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