Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sweet prayer, from a sweet boy

Tonight while putting the kids to bed, Cohen wasn't cooperating very well during story time, song, and then prayer due to the fact that he couldn't find his Francesco mini car (from the movie Cars 2). Finally, since he wasn't giving up on it, I told him to ask Heavenly Father in his prayer, to help him find his Francesco car. I explained all that to him. Then he said, "Oh, Ok!" So we knelt at his bed, and usually he fights me on who says the prayer, so I told him that he had to say it, since he wanted to ask Heavenly Father for help. He then begins his prayer....

"Dear Heavenly Father, Where's Francesco??"

It was just so sweet. And sadly, we did not find his little teeny tiny car. Hopefully in the morning We'll have better luck.

Oh I love him.

1 comment:

Taylor Chase Graham said...

Oh I love him too!

Grandma Lish

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