Tuesday, August 2, 2011

summer fun


Well I tried at add them one at a time, and i just don't have the patience for it ;)

We have been having some good times so far, playing in the sun! Most of these pictures of from our new favorite park! It's in Oregon City. It has a great big play structure, and a huge splash park! It's sooo fun! Not to mention the huge fields, volleyball net, baseball fields, basketball/tennis courts.... there is literally something for everyone! We love it.
When we don't make it away from our house, we hang out on the deck. The kids love playing in the water!

Cohen is very hesitant getting wet at first... but if I grab his hand and just run through the water...
he's good to go! :)    Molly had no issues... and loves chasing the water!

I hope you are enjoying this weather as much as we are!

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