Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where do I begin?!

So I'm a little behind... I have a lot of pictures to post, and a lot of things to journal about. Where do I start?! This is one of the reasons why I get so behind.... Once I'm behind, it just snowballs... So here are some random pictures of the kids from recently to begin.

That Fisher Price Laugh & Learn house had been in the garage since we moved into my parent's house. It was completely new to Molly, and Cohen hadn't seen it in more than a year. So they think it's the greatest thing ever!! It's so cute watching them play with it! I had bought it from someone from Craigslist for $25 when Cohen was 1. GREAT purchase!

I made a 'house' from a cardboard box, on a rainy day. Best free entertainment! It kept them busy for quite a while! Then a week later, Cohen watched it being smashed by the recycling truck... He kept yelling, "house, house!!!"

I have been having a BLAST being at home with my kids. Oh my goodness I love them so much.

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