Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's up with the Longs?!

Well I will tell you what's up. Not too BIG of things have been happening... just life, really. But I figured it was time for an update.

Cohen is getting better and better at animal sounds. When we ask where an animal is in a book, he is quick to point, and make their sound! It's pretty stinkin cute, if you ask me.... He knows Cow, sheep, horse (although still gets them confused with cows), cat, dog, and just recently learned chicken! Which is really cute, cause he says "bock bock" really loud, when I ask what a chicken says! :) He absolutely LOVES going to nursery! In fact, today, while we were waiting to walk into the nursery room, he was struggling so hard to get out of my arms! And his leaders say he's soo good in there! Which has been truly a blessing for me, cause I have truly LOVED going to class now! Especially Relief Society.

Cohen and I went on a little date night friday night. Jeff had a bunch of stuff he needed to do to get ready for his YM's activity for saturday morning... so I decided to take Cohen to the Legacy center, which is a huge family rec center. Probably comparable to the YMCA?? I'm guessing. But they have a GIGANTIC indoor swimming pool, with a HUGE play structure in the middle. This is where I took Cohen for swimming lessons last summer. Anyhooooo... As soon as we walked into the pool area, Cohen FREAKED out. He clung to me, and wouldn't let go! It was sooo weird! It had been awhile since we had taken him swimming... but man, I was NOT expecting that reaction! So we walked into the shallow end of the pool, and we just walked around. I was just trying to get him used to it. He wouldn't stop whining, and he definitely was NOT going to let me go! We spent the majority of the time in the deeper part, just swimming around. Occasionally I would stand him on the edge, and have him jump in. He really liked that. So I guess we will be going there a lot more often, to get him used to it! I think in April, we're going to start swim lessons again. I wanted to do it before the baby is born.

Speaking of baby... Holy moly is she a mover! Today in relief society, my friend and I were comparing bellies (she's due 5 weeks before me). We weren't comparing size, we were comparing MOVEMENT!! It was insane! She's having a girl too! This pregnancy has definitely been different then with Cohen. For one, I can still full on button my pants. I'm 27 weeks, and most the time I'm yanking my pants up! With Cohen, I swear I had to start wearing maternity pants at like 17-18 weeks! weird.......... We are getting sooooooooo excited to welcome a girl into our family! My mom has sent a ton of baby clothes, and so has Allie. It's just been so fun! I've been making a lot of baby stuff, like burp cloths, and barrettes. My next project will be her quilt.

Jeff and I spoke in Sacrament meeting today. It was weird, cause on wednesday night, my friend Shanda, and I were hanging out, and she was telling me that we was speaking in church at the end of the month. So we spent a lot of time talking about it, and i was giving her my thoughts on the topic... and then I mentioned that I thought it was weird that Jeff and I hadn't spoke yet in our ward, since we've been in it for like ten months! Well I totally jinxed myself, cause friday morning we got a call asking us to speak! I think it went really well though. Jeff did a great job! He spoke on the 8th article of faith, and I did the 9th. Jeff's sister, Jessica came so she could watch Cohen while we spoke, and I'm SOOOO glad that she did. Cause Cohen decided not to take a nap today before church, (he spent an hour and half chattering to himself in his crib!) so he was insane during sacrament meeting. Jessica spent the whole time out in the halls! So THANK YOU Jessica!!

Ummm... what else?? oh, fun fact for ya! It was a shocker to me.... Cohen was weighed on wednesday, and he weighs 22 pounds!!!! I could NOT believe it. he's in the tenth percentile for his weight. And don't remember his height... maybe 32-33 inches long?? I didn't write it down. I was too shocked about his weight! :)

Alright, well I guess that's our update for now!



you're not in maternity yet? wow...I wish I wasn't! I think I've sportin' maternity since week 22...

shanda said...

That is a great up date. It sound like you have been doing alot of crafting. I am so proud of you. I wish I was there to hear your talk. I am so proud of you. I am basing my talk on what we talked about the other night. I had alot of fun that night thanks for that. I am going to miss the mid day visits to. I will still teach you how to to binky clips soon. Lov ya

Anna said...

Jen, Your little family is so beautiful! Can't wait to see your new little dolly coming.

K, just have to say that I love Cohen in that box -- the video was great!!

And the nursing cover is fabulous! Where were you when I was nursing? you could sell these!

Love you!

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