Friday, February 13, 2009

I feel like throwing up....

I am having a really hard time right now. And I felt like I needed to get it out to feel better. I don't even know where to begin, or how to gather all my thoughts. I can't even stop crying.... Tonight I was watching Supernanny... one of my favorite shows.... Tonight's episode just went waaaaaaay too far. I watched a grown man verbally, emotionally and physically abuse his children. Especially the younger ones. In one scene, the camera caught the dad sleeping, and his youngest daughter (i think she was three or four) crying and slapping the dad to try and wake up. While laying there, he reached over and smacked the daughter in the face so hard that it knocked her to the ground. She screamed and ran out, and the dad continued to sleep. I wanted to jump through the tv and go to town on that guy. For the rest of the episode, and pretty much til now, I have been bawling my head off. What on earth gives someone the right to treat CHILDREN like this?!?!?! All I keep thinking is how innocent that little girl is, and how she just wanted her dad's attention. THAT'S IT.

I have actually been bothered by this recently.... It just seems like all over the news, there are stories about abused children, or a mother murdering her daughter, or children left out to die. WHY?!!? I'm sure I'm feeling a lot more passionate about this now that I'm a mother... but COME ON.... Children are just so innocent and pure, and HELPLESS. They DON'T KNOW BETTER. NO ONE Should be treated like this.

I have so many friends that are desperately trying to have babies. They would do anything and are trying everything to have kids. And it absolutely rips my heart out that they are having the problems they are having. And then there are people that have kids, and they don't want them ... or TREAT them like they don't want them.

Right before starting this, I jumped on the ABC website to see if people were writing in about that episode. And sure enough... But one post really shocked me. Some lady excused the father's behavior and said, "Frankly if i had 5 kids, I might be a bit angry myself." REALLY, Did she just say that?!?!?! How on earth is it the CHILDREN'S fault that you decided to have 5 kids?!?! Yeah, that's awesome... 'I have a lot of kids, therefore I'm overly stressed out, so I take it out on the kids!'

This is just a vicious cycle.... am I just supposed to sit back and think, "this is how the world is" and just go on my day? I don't even know what to say anymore. I've gone from sad, to just MAD.

I hope and pray that we will all love and CHERISH the children around us. I guess that's all we can do.

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