Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, Continued....

So Happy Valentine's Day! The day was very fun for us. I started the day by receiving a bouqet of flowers from Jeff friday night when he got home from work. Then Saturday we spent the whole day together as a little family! Jeff made breakfast for us, and then we went shopping. We went to Ikea, and of course Target! No shopping trip is ever complete without going to Target! :) Then when we got home, Jeff left for alittle bit, and I put Cohen down for a nap. He was asleep when we got home, so I transferred him to his crib without waking him! Well I got busy, and ten minutes later I hear a loud shriek coming from Cohen's room! So i go peek my head in, and all I hear is him laughing so hard to himself!!! It was soooo cute! So i grab my camera, turn on the light, and this is what I found!!!! Oh it was so sweet! So I guess his nap was out of the question!! :)

So then off to Grandma and grandpa's house! Cohen spent the evening with them, while Jeff and I went out to dinner with my siblings and their significant others! We went to Benihana's. That place is sooo fun and sooo good! We had a lot of fun! And that was the first time we had all gotten together like that. So it was just a great evening.

Tracey and Conrad

Jeff and myself

Nate and Allison

Darcy and Nick

And of course, Allen!
These are just random pics from the evening... enjoying our yummy food!

The evening was so fun! I'm so glad we did that.

Okay, so earlier in the day, Cohen was just in such a stinkin good mood! This video is pretty much self explanitory... Cohen just being cute! And yes, that hairy monster is me! :) ENJOY!!


TATTON-KIRSTEN-BROOKELYN said... love Cohen! He is soooooooooooo cute in that video, and all the time of course! gah! SOCUTE!

The Jen said...

Freaking cutest ever!

Katie and Tommy said...

I absolutely cracked up when Allen appeared on the screen! That made my day! Cohen is pretty freaking cute!

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