Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Birth Story

Well here we go. The story of how Crosby came into this world! (I am warning you... if you think I'm a sweet, nice, kind, innocent lady, then I would stop reading right now. I'm not kidding. You have been warned...)

When my due date came, June 23rd, My midwife scheduled me to be induced Monday, July 1st. - EIGHT days after my due date. She said, "there's NO way you'll go that long.. but just in case, we have it scheduled!" Well yippee....

Monday, July 1st...  Jeff and I showed up at the hospital at 7 AM. I had two nurses - one was being trained. Everything was taking a lot longer than usual, probably because of the training. At 8:30, they began the pitocin, and then we waited. At about 10:30, no contractions yet, and I still hadn't been checked yet, so I had no idea where I was dilated to. (A week prior I was at almost 4 cm.) Jeff and I were watching videos of Jimmy Fallon, when my sister Allison showed up to hang out with us. She got there at 10:45. At 11, I started feeling contractions. They came on FAST. At 11:15, I was calling for my midwife, telling her I NEEDED an epidural. That's when Allison decided it was time for her to wait in the waiting room. :) My midwife, Kate, came in and I immediately started ordering her to get me an epidural! She asked if I wanted to be checked first. She knew I wanted to attempt a natural birth, so she asked if I wanted to be checked in case that would change my mind on the epidural. I cut her off and told her that she was NOT allowed to check me, because I knew I was at 10cm, and I knew she wouldn't let me get an epidural if I was at a 10! I was seriously screaming. I'm not kidding. I was in so much pain, I kept shouting, "people are IDIOTS who don't get epidurals!!!" And "I"m such an idiot for not wanting an epidural from the beginning!!" You could tell Jeff was getting kind of uncomfortable, because i was being full on mean to people! The nurses told me they were going to give me some drug through my IV that would take the edge off. Every five seconds I kept asking if it had been done yet, cause it wasn't helping. I asked them what it would feel like, and Kate said "it will feel like you've had a few glasses of wine." and I got mad at her and said, "I've never DRANK wine!" So she said, "Well, now you will." (It never worked) Oh and at one point while I was throwing about on the bed, screaming, I looked up after the contraction and Kate, Jeff, and the 2 nurses were just staring at me. So in a very mean tone I said, "QUIT STARING AT ME!"  At 11:30 the anesthesiologist came in. Before he could even open his mouth, I asked him how long it would take for it to work. Kate and the guy both told me that there's a very high chance of the baby coming before it even kicks in. I just kept shaking my head, and demanding them to do it! I was a serious crazy person. I was leaning on Jeff while he was doing the epidural. There were times when I was grabbing Jeff's shirt, or hitting his back to get through the pain. At about 11:45 I very rudely asked, "Why hasn't it kicked in yet?!" Kate said it would take at last 10 minutes to take affect, and it had only been 9 minutes. at about 11:50, Kate checked me. And without a doubt she said, I have clearly been at a 10 the whole time.  At 11:55 I started screaming that I needed to push. So Kate very calmly said, "So push then!" (I really liked her) :)    Pushing wasn't fun. The nurse kept telling me I was doing great, so I "shh'd" her cause she was annoying the crap out of me. Everyone was just so quiet, and I was NOT. Finally at 12:12 a beautiful baby boy comes flying onto my chest. And the past was the past. I had this amazing miracle laying on me. I was so unbelievably grateful. For so many reasons!! I looked up at Kate and told her I was sorry for yelling at her. She just laughed.

Just so you know, my epidural didn't kick in until after Crosby was born. ;)

Crosby Nicholas Long
9 lbs 5oz 21 in 

I love him.

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