Sunday, June 19, 2011

Family trip to Lincoln City - June 4, 2011

Saturday morning, Jeff and I packed up the car, and the kids and headed west! We spent two nights and three days in Lincoln City! The weather was A-MAZING! We got there after lunch, checked into our hotel, and headed to the beach. It was probably 75 degrees... and from the pictures you'll see we definitely took advantage of it! :) Cohen was on cloud 9. He couldn't get enough. Jeff and I switched off sitting with Molly while the other would run out to the water, and throw rocks into the ocean! He was having the time of his life!! Molly....... She didn't really care for the sand too much. When I would sit her in the sand, she wouldn't move. And if she touched the sand, she would shake her hand, so the sand would come off! She was totally a beach babe none the less! :)

By day two, she would finally touch the sand!

Cohen hanging out at the hotel. These are the views from our room. We had a really nice grassy area right outside our sliding glass door. Cohen loved running free all over the grass, above the beach. He lined up his whales on the steps outside our door, we flew a kite, and flipped around with Dad! I LOVED that hotel room! It was perfect for us!

We spent a few hours at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. It was really fun! Cohen loved going from one exhibit to the next! And Molly loved the fish tunnel that they had. She would crawl on the floor, but the floor was really the fish tank! It was awesome!

We found a different beach our last evening there... we were pretty much the only ones there! It was great! Cohen and I walked around and picked up rocks and shells, and Molly had fun walking around!

This was one of the highlights of the aquarium.... These fish would open their mouths so wide, it looked like their head was detaching from their bodies. While I was holding Cohen and looking at them... I looked at Cohen, and he was mimicking them!! It was HILARIOUS! Totally cute! Now when we ask him what the fish at the aquarium were doing... he does this!

At the top is a picture of the kid's room. They had their own bedroom, and it had bunk beds, and a wii! It was so awesome! They loved that room. Here they are sleeping... and then all snuggled up on the way home.
Our view from our hotel
We had such a blast that weekend! It was so nice to spend that time as a family. Jeff and I had a nice time relaxing at night, watching the sunsets and watching movies and we slept with the door to the porch open so we could hear the waves! It was just awesome!

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kirsten.brooke said...

Now I could definitely go for a few days like that! We get to sleep with our windows open, but we don't hear waves, it's cars.

Your kiddos...they're just too cute.

Glad you got to get away!!!

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