Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Molly update

Molly turned 9 months old on sunday. Wow. I just can't believe it. She is the most precious thing. She's ALWAYS so happy, and so content. She is such a good eater, and sleeper... I honestly couldn't have asked for a better baby! She is sooo much fun, and just so funny! She's the best little sister for Cohen! :) She pulls herself up on everything, and she's everywhere in the blink of an eye! She has 6 teeth: two on the bottom, and four on the top. Monday she had her checkup...

Weight: 17.14 lbs (35%)
Height: 27.5 inches (50%)

Her doctor said she is slowing down as far as her growth... but not to worry, since she's so active, and she's pulling herself up and such... It's definently a big change from when she was first born! I thought she'd be in 12 month clothes by now at the rate she was going! She's my happy, sweet little princess!

So Monday, Jeff and I attempted to take them to get their pictures taken. We have YET to get a picture of the two of them together. Cohen absolutely REFUSES, and I mean, REFUSES to sit for a picture... or kiss molly, or hold molly, or ANYTHING. I'm not kidding. You're probably thinking, "it's probably not THAT hard to get a picture of him... " TRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!! I dare you.

Anywayyyyyyyy.... So we took them to Picture people, thinking we could get something out of it, and it wouldn't cost us hardly anything. Well, Cohen wouldn't have any of it. We tried bribing him with everything. So we just let him be, and we tried to get pictures of Molly. Well after a couple shots of Molly, Cohen decided he wanted in on the fun. He jumped him, she took ONE picture, and this is what we got:
Awesome right?!? Well first, this isn't the best quality picture, cause I took this picture with my phone of the original and emailed it to myself so i could put it on here... but this is seriously the only picture we had to choose from of the two of them, and it actually turned out! So yes, it's official... COHEN AND MOLLY ARE BROTHER AND SISTER!!!! :) We finally have proof!!! ha ha!

Here are just some recent pics of Miss Molly. Oh I just love this girl of mine!!!


Mary Kelly said...

That picture is absolutely perfect. It's funny how kids refuse to cooperate when it is picture time. Hopefully it will just be a phase.

tatton.kirsten.brookelyn.ethan said...

yay! you finally got the picture of the two of them! i know that you've been dying for one for oh, nine months!

molly-kins...she is just so adorable. so so adorable.

can you believe that our little babies are 9 months old?


The Jen said...

Oh my gosh so cute, Cohen looks SO BIG! I cannot believe it!

shanda said...

wow I can't beleve how grown up they both are I am missing you so much hope all is good for your family. LOve ya

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