Saturday, May 9, 2009

dear wretched lady at Olive Garden... I don't like you

So Cohen's new favorite thing is, (no matter where we are, or what time of the day it is) to scream. It's not like a "I'm mad" type of scream... it's like... "I have a voice, and I want people to pay attention to me". As his mother it's very cute, but very annoying when we're in public! And as most of you all know, it's very hard to control it! This said.... Here's what happened at the Olive Garden yesterday.

Gail, Jenny, Blake, Jeff, Cohen and myself all went for lunch at Olive Garden. We were sitting clear in the back of the restaurant and Cohen was sitting in his high chair eating his lunch. Cohen then decides it would be a good time to scream! So there he goes. I was getting soooo frustrated, cause I'm sure people around us were like "shut that kid up!!" But all of us were laughing at him. After like three of his outbursts (which were like 5 minutes apart), I hear someone behind me say something about being quiet. Here's how the conversation went:

wretched lady: blah blah blah quiet, blah blah....
me: what did you just say???
wretched lady: can you keep your baby quiet?!
me: excuse me?! what did you want me to do??? I have no control over his outbursts.
wretched lady: Does he really have to be so loud? It would just be nice if you could keep him quiet.
me: are you kidding me? Did you want to come over and see what you can do as his mother??!
wretched lady: I have a cold, and it's hurting my ears.
me: would you like me to put a muzzle on him???
*wretched lady then turns around*

Okay, so you are all thinking how rude I was to that lady, and how I should have just ignored her.... but if you really knew me, you would know that's not possible. Yes, I should have just ignored it... but That lady was so out of line. As a mother, it is very embarrassing when your child screams out in public. And at least for me, I just want to hide, or throw my purchases back and run out of the store. People always tell me that it's not as loud as it sounds to me... and to not worry about it. And I seriously NEVER thought anyone would EVER comment about your child that they are being loud, cause it's nothing that mothers can control... it's not like I'm pinching him, or causing him to scream myself.... Anyhoooooooo I've kinda gone on a rampage... I am just so upset about that stupid lady.

There was a lady sitting right next us, and when she got up to leave, she walked over to me. She bent down and said, "Life is too short to be upset over stupid people like that. She was soooo rude! You were doing everything you could to keep him content. And We didn't even think he was doing anything wrong! He was just being a cute little boy!"

That lady made my day!

So thank you for listening to my whining, and complaining! I just had to get that off my chest once and for all.....



GOOD TIMES! I read this post out loud! I'm so glad you said something though instead of staying quiet! Seriously, amen, amen, amen to EVERYTHING you said. I had this encounter once with a lady at the grocery store...hmm...maybe I should blog about that! Made me SOOOOOOO flippin' mad! GRRR!
Anyway, we miss you guys too but sounds like you guys are doing awesome! <3 K

Katie Fox said...

Good for you for saying something, I get so embarrassed and flustered that I don't know what to say. So I will live vicariously through you and pretend that was me for every time that has happened to me.

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